LADV88 - UNDECLINABLE AMBUSCADE "their greatest adventures" LP REISSUE

by La Agonía de Vivir



First time ever on vinyl!!!
Originally released on cd in 1996 by Ignition and rerelease in 1997 by Epitaph.
© & (p) 1996 Epitaph – under license to La Agonía de Vivir

100 cyan blue
100 transparent red
300 black

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released May 19, 2017




La Agonía de Vivir Madrid, Spain

DIY - ANIMAL FRIENDLY - GAY POSITIVE - PRO FEMINIST - ANTI FASCIST record label / distro since 2005.
Madrid / Spanish state.

La Agonía de Vivir funciona como distribuidora desde el 2005 y como sello desde el 2007.
No responde a ninguna etiqueta musical, solo a lo que dictan mis principios y gustos personales (sí, la Agonía de Vivir es una sola persona).
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Track Name: Growing older
You were playing outside with your friend. There wasn't much on your mind. You were making war with your friend. Your innocent little minds. Do you really believe everything's gonna be all right? Am I stupid? And then you're growing older. Your fantasy and your imagination have to make place for your wisdom, your knowledge and to many explanations. You must go to school. Satisfy your parents. You have to be cool, or you'll have no friends. And then you're going to live on your own, realising there must be money to pay the rent. So you apply for a silly job, but get rejected 'you're not what we were looking for'. Your dreaming of the days that you were younger. You didn't have to worry 'bout a thing. Three meals a day, a mom who does your loundry. Daddy takes you to a field and plays ball with you.
Track Name: Magic hairspray
You're always complaining about the rainy days, and at the same time you're sitting on your ass. While you could have helped us destroy the ozonlayer. You could have helped us emptying our sprays. Long hot summers, that's what we try to achieve. Long hot summers The secret is, use your magic hairspray. The secret is use your magic spray. The beaches are crowded with lots of pretty girls. Beachvolley makes all our sunny days complete. Damage the ozonlayer. Destroy the ozonlayer. So we will have. Together we'll have a very bad disease. Brown spots are growing all over our bodies.
Track Name: Can't bring me down
So you think you can come back to me like that. Apologize's a word misunderstood. The night that you broke my nose was the night you broke everything in me. You never listened to what I had to say. And you kept on beating me. I want them to know, I want them to know! You can't beat me down. I know I'm a man, I'm supposed to fight back. You can't beat me down. You won't, you can't you will not beat me. You can't beat me down. You were physically stronger than me, but did you really have to use your fist when we had a quarrel. And you expect of me to go on with you like that? A strong woman who protects me all the time. I once had love for you, but now it's gone. I was afraid of you, couldn't tell anybody. I'm a man I've got my pride. This can't go on like it was before. You, who's beating me up all the time. I was afraid, couldn't tell anybody that she used me.
Track Name: Release the animals
He's softly sleeping in the bed that he made. The sawdust covers his little body. He's dreaming of the generations that will come. Hoping they will live in freedom. This little mouse wants to be free. But he isn't strong enough to open up his cage. He had to serve humanity, so all those handsome people can put garbage on their face. Release the animals! Release the animals! And his friend already died. The hangman called himself 'the professor'. Many years he had to learn how to kill. This is not human anymore. Now he's busy. he is working on his big escape. But nobody is there to help him so he's planning on asking the chimpansees. They look like humans, but they are less dangerous. They look like humans, but they're fighting on the other side. Release the animals! Release the animals! Together with the chimps the mouse is gonna leave the lab. So they will have the freedom they deserve. So they will live in freedom.
Track Name: I'm sorry
I wanted them to know I wasn't right. The things I did, the things I shouldn't have done. You will all hear my confession of guilt. The tale of a boy that's full of shame. I wanted her to come with me, wanted her to show me what she's like. She's blond, drunk, undressed in my bed. Once more I got drunk at night, I couldn't control my feelings and started a fight. he was my best friend no longer. I couldn't adapt to anything that changed. A stranger in a world full of people that loved me. I wanted to die. She was the best thing that ever happened to me. Started to feel better. But now she's gone. She couldn't compete with my dreams. And now I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I hope they will forgive me. I hope this story will be heard by everyone, especially those who suffered the most. I know there isn't an excuse for what I did. But it will make me feel better.
Track Name: Stick 'em up
All he had to do, was to give the boys the money. Instead of playing dad. Instead of being dead. Against his head he felt a shaking gun. Of a boy that will never again, feel the excitement of... The money they held in their hands. Was all that they were after. And the body laying on the ground. Got paid for playing a hero. A widow is waiting at home. She's waiting for her husband. But he never made it home, he never made it home.
Track Name: Love story
We wrote this song for you girl, and you know our love is true girl. You should never doubt a word of the sweet things that we say. Because... We never saw a girl more beautifull than you. When you're around we stop doing what we do. The way you can walk on those ridiculous big shoes, makes us think of a clumsy old goose. but that's oke, we love you anyway, we only look at the inside. And if you need a hand, you can always call us. We'll be there to help you. Bravest boys on earth. When there's a spider in your room. We'll be there to save you. Our lives are nothing compared to you. And when our friendship dies. We'll come up with honest lies. Telling you we love you for the rest of our lives. We'll be your friend, the one you never had. Giving you flowers. We will cherish your love. You must know that we'll love you, we'll always love you. We make you smile. Be your prince on a horse. give us your money and we will always be yours. Write down your number and we call you, we'll constantly call you. This is a love song. We're exposing all our feelings and our deepest thoughts to you. Not sure who you is, but soon we'll find out. Because you will know this song is made for you. You're not stupid. You know this is a lie. the only thing we're after is a kiss and say goodbye. I hope that you're not mad at us
Track Name: Snowboard
You are one of them,
you want to go downhill as fast as you can
Going towards
a hill that's gonna take you in the air
and touch the sky
Feeling great
In this world you must be crazy
There is a chance
that you will break
every bone in your body
In this world you can't be lazy
There is too much action going on
At all times you must be strong

go with us,
through the snow
Going faster than the others
go with us
To the world
of adrenaline

In this world the valleys and the mountains
are covered with snow
That's why we'll have to go to
the top of the hill
And enjoy the silence
before the snowslide
Before we begin our journey

go with us,
through the snow
Going faster than the others
go with us
To the world
of adrenaline

The sun goes under
You haven't noticed you've been out all day
But you feel happy,
because this is what you wanna do
the rest of your life
Have no fear
Track Name: Something she'll never have
Putting on her best clothes should have turned her on. But while she's looking in the mirror, looking at her lovely ass. She turns around and starts to cry. She's never satisfied. Very insecure about herself. And while she's looking in the mirror, looking at her pretty face. She turns, she wants to die. And in the end, nothing really got to her. We tried to convince her of something she'll never believe. And in her head she was always dreaming of girls in commercials and movies. Someone could have helped her, if he only knew what this was about. But she was always telling us that she was alright. And it was no use asking for an explanation what it was about. Confidence is something she'll never have What's on her mind. The size of her nose. The spot on her behind. And she keeps looking in the mirror. Looking at her pretty face. Nothing can stop her wish to die.
Track Name: World full of understanding
She would never leave me in a world full of understanding.
But my ignorant head was not so blind to see that I was wrong again.
You can't leave me now. I'm not ready to live on.
I ask myself 'was it worth it?'
Track Name: Why does a fly
You think you've found the answer for a nice and peaceful life, but how can you be sure when your world is constantly changing. The only fact that we're reminded of every day in, every day out. WE DIE! WE DIE! Is there anyone who can tell me why? I don't wanna know. Why can't we fly, just like the animals that live in the sky? Why didn't God give us wings? I don't understand those things. Is there a God, and if there is, is he a wizard or not? Did he create the world as it is, or can only he answer that? So many stars, there's so little place on earth. Shall we ever live on Mars, or see the end of the universe?'And now the most important question of life' Why does a fly, like to eat the shit of a cow?
Track Name: Far away
Woman, I've got many reasons to leave this smelly dark shithole. You can't even walk, there's dogshit on the sidewalk. I have seen everything. Please don't try to stop me I made a decision. I will go to a place where breathing is harmless. When I've got the money. I will go away. I'll go to a place. To a place that is far away. And if I die, I'll be buried in the place where I wanted to be. Sometimes I have nightmares of how it used to be. Please never again
Track Name: Alcohol
It's lifting me up, taking me nowhere. Although senses aren't feeling anything. It helps a lot to forget. Things you don't wanna know about. But most of all it makes me feel so powerful. So Strong. I can conquer the world. My fist looks bigger. My opponent is so small. I can conquer the world with a little... ALCOHOL And then the poison starts to work. And we forget what we were supposed to remember. It's not always your friend. Wherever there's a party there is alcohol. When you're feeling good, it just makes you feel better. A smile on your face is the only expression you've got. And you feel like you can conquer the world. Yes you know you can conquer the world with a little... ALCOHOL