by La Agonía de Vivir



Originally released in 1998 by Epitaph. First press on vinyl since the original one!!
© & (p) 1998 Epitaph – under license to La Agonía de Vivir

100 transparent blue
100 clear transparent
300 black

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released May 19, 2017




La Agonía de Vivir Madrid, Spain

DIY - ANIMAL FRIENDLY - GAY POSITIVE - PRO FEMINIST - ANTI FASCIST record label / distro since 2005.
Madrid / Spanish state.

La Agonía de Vivir funciona como distribuidora desde el 2005 y como sello desde el 2007.
No responde a ninguna etiqueta musical, solo a lo que dictan mis principios y gustos personales (sí, la Agonía de Vivir es una sola persona).
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Track Name: Since '92
We're here since '92.If that's not punk enough for you. Then open up your ears. And we'll ask a question. What is in a name? Call Billy, Jane! He's still the same. It's not on us to blame. If you don't understand. Go fuck yourself with your difficult name.
Track Name: Trapped
Never liked talking dolls. Pink was not her favourite colour. Playing football with the boys. Yes, she wants to be a man. Fully grown and totally covered. But she can not afford this expensive operation. And her mom and dad are sad, not surprised but dissapointed that their daughter wants to be their son. But she can't deny, what she feels inside trapped in flesh and blood. Will she ever be a husband taking good care of his wife. Will he ever feed his children?
Track Name: Chatterbox
He used to be such a chatterbox. Now that is all that he can do. Never again will he walk the streets with his hands in his pockets. 'Cause his hands and feet are gone. It was a big mistake of him to try to disarm this mine. The society has given up on him. Lucky to exist or maybe not. Girls on the street aren't looking at him, the way they used to look at him and think what a goodlooking young man. I wish that he was lying next to me in my bed. He just wanted to create a safe environment, for those children to play careless on their land. But something went wrong. He ignited the bomb. This mine did it's job. Mutilated a man. It has only one life. So it won't explode again. But the other millions will.
Track Name: Car race
That's me, I'm driving in my car. In the seat next to me sits a blue eyed brunette. I know that she's yours, but she likes my mustang more than your glittering corvette. That's you, you're looking rather sad. You know that when you're dreaming you'll be as close you'll ever get. You know that it's not your fault. She's the one who left you standing in the cold. Then the girl grabs the wheel and says you have to pull over. 'I want a reace, may the fastest driver win. He wins my heart, him I will marry.' So we get set and then step on the gas. Shifting into second gear, I can feel the tension's in the air. Who will win who will become her friend? We both do not intend to share. That's you. You wanted me to know. Losing is not bad, it makes your self-awareness grow. Can't you see the girl belongs to me. Why can't you live with that and let us be.
Track Name: Throw away society
Factories are working hard to give us what we want. The luxury good of a god working economy. When they are old we throw them away. Not you, you are not like them. Likely you're going to save this world but you don't know where to start or how to begin. Billions of people all consuming night and day. And when they are finished they throw it all away. Toothpaste tubes, when they are finished we throw them away. We drink coffee from plastic cups, then throw them away. Toys, bags, empty batteries, refrigerators, cars bikes shoes, cosmetics, videotapes and scratched up records.
Track Name: Going crazy
Wendy knows a band, knows them from a friend, whose friend is in that band. No matter where they go, never skips a show, never comes too late. Her eyes are focused on the moves he makes. He looks deep in her eyes. Not aware of that move he made. He continues playing. Now she knows he loves her. The next day Wendy goes to the drugstore. Guess who's standing there in front of the desk with cigarettes. The nice drummer with his pretty eyes. Why doesn't he say a word. When do those people realize, we cannot see through their eyes. Wendy know's we're going crazy. Stop telling all these lies. Only my body knows I'm going crazy. Hopelessly lost she walks through the park. This so-called nice and friendly guy left a mark on this unspoiled but broken heart. What a shame. Simpleminded broken heart. Who's to blame. No one but herself! The truth except for us no one will ever know.
Track Name: Walking on air
Here I am tell me what to do. Sitting here thinking of you. But I can't make up my mind. Who the fuck do you think you are! Entering my life without explanations. Beats reality. Here we are, living in a dream. Beats reality. You really had me going there. You had me walking on air. You had to tell me what to do. I had gone blind, my eyes were stuck on you. How did you get me so far. Now I don't know who my friends are. I gave up everything for you. Like a dedicated romeo should do. Kept dreaming of nothing else but you. But then I woke up. Again, this won't ever happen again, never toil and slave for you again. I will never give up on my friends.
Track Name: Libber tea
United states of the America. They like things to be big, bigger cars, bigger wars. There's a place far from here, where you have to twist to open your beer. Very progressive but when Bill has an affair. Papers are filled with rumours, did he cum in her hair? Suing is their national sport. Sue to the bone so you get better lives. There's a place oversea where they are drinking libber tea. Not 'til 1500 your history began. Aren't the Indians the real Americans? And as the average movie shows, it is America who saves us all. We love you America. Worship you America. No better than America. America! If you want to be an example, for us less intelligent creatures. You just wake up and smell the coffee.
Track Name: 7 years
We're looking at each other with our discontented eyes.
We're both waiting for the moment to arrive,
When things won’t be so fucking boring
And we're not fighting for hours on end.

Why can't it just be like the day that we first met?
Just like 7 years ago.
Those 7 Years
You just don't throw
Throw them away.

But if that's the only reason for our love to survive,
Then maybe it's better to get on with our lives.
But you won't say it and I am too scared
To even think about anything like that.

Why can't you just hold me,
So I can lay my head on your shoulder?
Just like 7 years ago.
The magic's gone...

Then I slow, slowly close, close my eyes, my eyes are closed.
They try to hide my tears.
Ocean blue turns to grey
On this heart-rending day.
Words I'm about to say.
I thought that the heart was just a muscle,
How can it possibly hurt this much?
I've got so many questions,
So many things that we must do.

Who will love me when you're gone?
Who will love me when you're gone?
Track Name: Your hands
Sometimes I sing myself to sleep. Those hopeless moments make me weak. Self-confidence is hard to find. Guess this love for him makes you blind. Dance with me now. The music is all I've got. But you can't help me anymore. There's dripping urine on the floor. He's holding your hands. His hand in yours.
Track Name: Bully proof
He's in his room, you can hear a pin drop. He's still tired of running from his school to his home. Quietly he cries, he doesn't want his mom to know he's afraid to get butt-kicked and sneaked out the window. In his dreams, he holds a gun up to their heads and pulls the trigger. In his dreams, nobody survived. They were shot while trying to escape. And his haircut, the most ugly human roof. His thick glasses are almost bulletproof. Though he's smarter than the other kids his age, his mind is overshadowed by his rage. He knows this won't last forever and hopes that having brains and being clever, will help him to get closer to a peaceful solution.
Track Name: Vagabond
I finished my drink and stepped outside, outside it was cold. I was walking alone through the streets, the streets were empty. He was staring at me from a corner of the street. Yes I was drunk, but he was totally wasted. An empty bottle in his hand. I slowly stepped forward. Then he reached out his other hand, the one that was empty. He begged me for small change. I gave him everything he had. You could see that he was under the spell of sadness. Then he said. Why can't I be like you? You're young and you're practically untouchable. So kind to help me through this rather difficult time. I invited him to come and sleep at my place. So he could eat and wash the dirt from his face. Hardly recognizable this different person looked at me. He was holding a picture of a family and then he said. Why can't I be with them, I want to be with them forever and ever. I love them more than anybody could ever love someone. A fatal accident stopped my once allmost perfect life. Now I'm a useless wreck waiting for salvation. I wish they were here. I wish I was there.
Track Name: We supply
A step closer to a dream that I once had. Nature's greenest green straight to my head. Our evening is complete, when cigarettes contain weed. Smoke 'till we drop. Then wait 'till we fly. Holland is a small country, but we grow plenty of weed. It's my favourite vegetable. It would be unfair to abstain from it. It helps you to relax and concentrate. Your movements will be flexible, you'll innovate. Good things and I will meet, when apple pie contains weed. Eat 'till we drop. Then wait 'till we fly. When the grass enters the soul, it takes me to a higher place. When the grass enters the brain, it makes me see so much more. To disallow would be insane. Weed must be legalised. I keep searching for the perfect constitution. Searching for utopia.
Track Name: History forgot about me
I, a prince related to sir Lancelot. I kill dragons and I wank a lot. Conquer the bravest knight the way I fight. And when the sun sets I sing songs about the risky life I live. Journeys and long crusades. Every morning when I wake up, I know that danger waits. My mission is to feed the poor. Many tears and broken hearts of girls I left behind. I was searching for a princess, the smart and friendly kind. I travelled many miles around the world and home again. I couldn't find a heroic princess. Who could reign the country by my side. Who could live with my brave behaviour. So I lived a long but lonely life. I became a king, saved many lives. I don't get it why must this happen to me, this is too sad for words. All my heroic deeds got lost in time, history forgot about me.